IDS Activity – 1 : Water Polution

Water pollution

Why do we need water?

The main source of life on earth is fresh water. Any animal can spend a few days without food, but it is difficult to imagine life without water and oxygen even for a minute. The demand for more water for purposes such as drinking, washing, industrial use, agriculture, swimming pools and other water sports centers is increasing due to the ever increasing population. Water pollution is being practiced by people all over the world due to increasing demand and competition for luxury living. The waste produced by many human activities spoils the entire water and reduces the amount of oxygen in the water. Such pollutants reduce the physical, chemical, thermal and biochemical characteristics of water and severely affect the life of water outside as well as underwater.

When we drink polluted water, hazardous chemicals and other pollutants enter the body and spoil the functions of all the organs of the body and endanger our lives. Such hazardous chemicals also badly affect the life of animals and plants. When plants soak up the dirty water through their roots, they stop growing and die or dry up. Thousands of seabirds die due to oil spilling from ships and industries. High levels of water pollution are caused by chemicals coming out of agricultural uses of fertilizers, pesticides. The effect of water pollution varies by place depending on the amount and type of water pollutant. A preventative method is urgently needed to prevent the degradation of drinking water, which is possible through the understanding and assistance of every last person living on earth.

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