Anonymous Account of an Intern

I didn’t know what I was signing up for when I was assigned to work with the organizing team of the summer camp. My first point of contact was Mr. Arjun Madhavankutty, who after a few formalities assigned me some work. It was clear from his tentative tone that he didn’t trust anyone to deliver right and on time. A few days passed in a flurry of emails, calls, Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram posts and we had surpassed the desired number of registrations. Technical and logistical glitches prevented us from starting the summer camp on the pre-decided date.

Orientation session was a blast! Truly! I hosted the event- there, I gave my identity away- and I didn’t expect to do so well. I think I did well. Many would agree. l am dead sure. It’s an-online-world. Technical glitches are a part of the new normal. But in the end the event was good.

Next day, at the same time, I was in seven different sessions on two different screens simultaneously.

I had agreed to provide logistical support. Don’t laugh, it was a good experience. Although it was a lot of work, the combined sound of all the efforts we had put in as a team was music on my ears.

I’m sure many people like my family members, would argue it to be noise. Finally, I closed all the sessions except one. Vijayata Ma’am’s Public Speaking and Communication Skills. The first session was meant for senior classes.

 She dealt the session with graceful art and that left me in awe. I was amazed. On the last day, all of us witnessed how her campers praised her non-stop. The best thing is that she has agreed to hold more public speaking sessions along with Chaithra Ma’am for Dance & Nirmal Sir for Coding. The details are being worked out but I’m sure the end product will be better than the summer camp.

Come 7 PM, and the organizing team and the facilitators met up to discuss the day. I was freshly showered with my shoulder-length hair still wet and a wine-red lipstick seemed enough dressing up. It is my mantra, which is plagiarized from Myntra, to dress up for the occasion. And the reconvening meeting was an occasion. And it was overwhelming. None of us anticipated the first day to go this well. Everyone was sharing their experiences, talking about what can be done better. Two more people were assigned to provide logistical support because no matter how sonorous the music of 7 sessions sounded, work needed to be done. And, well, it wasn’t really music.

Three days into the summer camp and I fell ill. It was bad. I couldn’t work for 3 days. And there was so much to do. I had planned all these complimentary sessions for the campers and it was all going down the drain! But my team was so supportive and caring. One of the learnings that I’m going to take away from this internship is that it’s important to set the boundaries no matter how much you love the work.

But I managed to hold complimentary sessions, apart from Varun Sir’s daily yoga sessions. There was a session from Ms. Saachi Arora, a clinician, on personality assessments through drawings for senior children. I had even drawn a weird mixture of circles, squares and triangles as instructed by Arora. It was a success I would say.

About ‘Poetry night’, it was 6.58 and the event had to start at 7 PM and I was busy wearing a sari. I don’t know where I got this idea of wearing a sari! Yes, I believe dressing up for the occasion but this was too much. I won’t talk about this event much. People who attended, I’m sure, have many memories.

The days passed in a blur, we had to reschedule events for a later date. Photography and MUN workshops, originally planned for the summer camp, will be held soon as well.

Finally, the closing ceremony was upon us. My happiness knew no bounds. I’m sure whoever attended the event could see it on my face and hear it in my voice. Needless to say, I hosted this event as well (Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s dialogue from Sacred Games- kabhi kabhi lagta hai, apunich bhagwan hai- playing in the background). I wasn’t happy that the summer camp was over. I was excited that it was all so good. And a lot of effort was put in this event as well. More than all the other events combined, I remember the frantic calls.

To put it respectfully, Ms Kesar and Mr Arjun subtly demanded that the event should only be the best and nothing less.

Each word noted here drove down straight from my heart to park itself on this virtual paper.

Looking forward to the next Summer Camp@MAMS!

Soumya Sharma

Intern at MAMS for Co-Curricular Activities

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